Pete Heginbotham

My mother has been a residents at St. Benedicts for over 4 months now. She is happy and settled. The staff are helpful, friendly and caring.

Fran Cannings

Dad couldn’t be at home on his own. We’re so glad he moved into St. Benedicts. The staff are caring and understanding towards his needs, a credit to the home. There seems to be a relaxing atmosphere there which he enjoys.

Steve Shaw

I was a resident with St. Ben’s for almost a year after suffering a stroke whilst driving!

 Initially I spent 2 or 3 days in Wycombe Hospital before being transferred to South Petherton Community Hospital. It was here, over 2 months, I regained movement in my fingers and toes. When less groggy my wife and I requested a move to St. Benedicts as she lives down the road in Glastonbury so could visit me more frequently. Just after Christmas 2021 I moved in.

 Still very groggy approaching Easterslowly and surely I managed to mobilise even more. I am now at the point I can move the affected leg and even walk with the aid of a frame! Just before Christmas 2022 I was discharged and have now returned home with my wife and a package of care that I hope will taper off as I continue my rehabilitation.

 I got on with everyone at St. Ben’s. I liked the fact that everyone is individual and is a character in themselves. There’s a familial atmosphere there too. Everyone gets on whether you’ve been there for 6 minutes or 6 months. There’s nothing you couldn’t ask of somebody

 I will definitely be returning (for a cuppa and some cake)and hope to remain a visitor for as long as I can!